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Cybernet Technology Networking Products.

Create a fast, efficient and secure computer networking system in your home or office with an array of wireless routers and adapters. Conveniently link all of your computers, laptops, gaming consoles and media players with a single wireless network. Increase connectivity speed, reduce dead spots and enjoy wireless Internet throughout your entire home or office with an assortment of wireless cards and wireless routers. Search high-speed wireless Internet devices so you can share your files, music, photos and more.

Cybernet Technology Offers Networking Products from various vendors Including:

    Switches: Cisco, D‐link, Linksys, Net Gear, etc.
    Routers: Cisco, D‐link, Linksys, Net Gear, etc.
    Access Point: Cisco, D‐link, Linksys, Net Gear, etc.


Cybernet Technology Fiber Optic Products.

Our range of Fiber optical Cables is widely used in industrial plants, office buildings, and electric utility companies. Available in various specifications, our range is cost appropriate and cost effective means of communication signal transmission. Our range needs no maintenance and gives high resistance to electromagnetic noise such as motors, radios, and other nearby cables.


Single Mode/Multimode
Duct (Unarmoured), Armoured (Direct Buried) & Self Supporting Aerial Construction
Special Construction For Specialized Applications Such As Steel Wire Armoured, FRP Stranded (Rodent Resistant, Pultrusion Equivalent)
Uni-Tube & Multi-Tube Construction
2 Fiber Up To 512 Fiber Cables
Low Halogen Sheath Cables
Ribbon Of Cables

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